Offensive Weapons: Weapons for hunting shades.

Plasmatic disruptor
Standard defense system.
Fluxal Irradiatior
Shoots bursts of projectiles.
Sonic cacophocanon
Press and hold to charge for a devastating attack.
Vorpal atomizer
Super-powered burst that is programmed to locate targets and explode in a radius of destruction.
Electro Magnetic Cauterizer. Have fun with this one. ;)

Support Tools: Tools for hunting shades.

Cross-field tether
Drains shades for scanning.
Ectoplasm sensor
Attatchment that can manually tune into the frequencies of invisible shades and phase them into visible spectrum.
Polarity repellant
A one-way shield that blocks incoming damage for a set time and permits firing of weapons through it.
Psychotronic phaser
Shoot weak, invisible shades to make them instantly visible.
Phantomatic stunner
Upon contact with target, explodes in a ball of energy, paralyzing everything in its radius.
Pulse discharger
Emits a pulse of energy to knock back shades and deal damage.

Basic Weapons: Basic tools that you start with.

Sucks up ectoplasm and otherworldly energy for research.
Spectral shield
Diminishingly reduces damage while engaged. Replenishes system integrity. Charges while not in use.
Dissolution scanner
Extracts information from drained shades efficiently dissolving them into useful data and ectoplasm.


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